'Rains keep failing on my head'

Welcome to the raining season

Monday, March 1, 2010

Breakfast at Aunty Mag's house

I slept over at Aunty Mag's house last Friday night and the next morning we had this amazing breakfast with friends.
The super duper active dogie, Benji, he is such a pretty boy.

Multi-fruit bread.

Sarawak icon, kek lapis or layer cake. White one is cheese favor, yellow one is durian favor and the black one is prune cake.

Japaneses pancake, taste nice.

Crispy pancake? I have no idea how to translate the name (sweat).

Thursday, February 25, 2010

A day in Paddy field with my dad

When I back my hometown for Chinese New Year, I took a visit with dad to his friend's paddy field. It was a blessing cloudy day, most suitable day for out walking and take photo. It's amazing to see endless paddy field and enjoyed the warm wind. ^^

It sure know where to find food (steal the ripe paddy).

A resting point for the dragonfly.

Water gate, use to control the water level in the paddy field.

Fern grows on the burned trees.


The butterfly is ready to take off.

The most common dragonfly in paddy field.

Flower of Kangkung, also known as Chinese Spinach or Swamp Cabbage (Ipomoea aquatica).

Unripe paddy.

Putting the paddy into the basket.

Choosing and cutting the ripe paddy, using a simple blade.

Ripe paddy.

One of the paddy field scenery.

My dad, he he...

Immature paddy.

Carry the paddy back to the little house.

Tropical icon, palm trees.

Jack-fruit, seem rotten but still eatable.

Papaya tree full with flower, as far as I know this kind of papaya wouldn't bear any fruit (I wonder if it is uni-sexual plant).

They called it bridge! I called it stick. We have to cross this 'bridge' to go to the paddy field.

Un-ripe banana.

Wild flower, quite common.

Cangkok manis, local vegetable, that's the seeds.

Besides paddy, they also plan sugar cane for sell.



Endless paddy field.

Look up into sky.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Treasure I found at Borneo Highland

I stand at border point and Kalimantan is in front of my eyes.

What I can see besides forest, still is forest.

Valley full with trees.

Unknown yellow flower.

Leave insect.

Waiting to blossom.

Purple and maroon flowers with weird smell.

Kalimantan view point.

Floating trees, hehe...

Some kind of trees' seed.

Mushroom for mushroom soup (just kidding), ha ha..

Amazing tree roots and tree hole.

Moss (I have to lying on the floor to take this picture, end up turning into a mud girl).

Another moss.

Skeleton leave behind by a cicada.

I'm not sure if it belong to the mushroom family but it looks like one kind of Chinese herb.

Little tiny mini mushroom.

Mushroom also, the spores will spread when you open it up.

Stream at the golf field.

View at the golf field.

Bell-ring shape flowers.

Wild orchid.


Unknown plant (look like coral from the sea).

Noon time, the cloud become more thick and cover the mountain around the golf.

At the ending point, where we were surrounded by flowers.